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Tai Guey! (Good Day!)Sgi (thank you) for visiting. We extend our hospitality to you to enter our virtual Long House.

About Us


Who We Are

  • Tribal Diplomats

  • Cultural Bridge-Builders

  • Indigenous Educators

  • Award-Winning Musicians

  • Authors

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What We Do

  • Teaching

  • Political & Social Activism

  • Sharing Our Cultures

  • First Nations Storytelling

  • Music

  • Dance


Get Involved

  • Dignitary Meetings

  • Schedule a Speaking Event

  • Music / Concert Bookings

  • School Programs

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" Native Proverb

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Taiguey (Good Day) and Siyo (Hello)

Thanks for visiting our home page. Sign up for our newsletter, visit our shop, and send us a message with any questions that you might have. We try to answer everyone so please be patient. Seneco Kakona (many blessings)- The RiverWinds

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