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Healing Food: Brazil Nuts

Health Nugget:

Feeling low on energy?  Suspecting a thyroid concern?  Go to Brazil!

Just one Brazil nut per day could make a difference.  

Brazil nuts contain between 68 and 91 mcg of selenium which may be a key to improved thyroid function.

Please consult with your provider and do not exceed one nut per day to avoid toxicity.



About Me:

Greetings, I am Dr. Christine Cecil.  I love the Almighty with all my heart when I pray, all my mind when I write and authored several prayer books for children I love the Almighty with all my soul when I care for my house and the house of Israel. Children are my strength. I serve as a pediatric public health nurse. I held an academic position in Leadership Development with Chapman University, home schooled for 16 years, and now my aim is to train high task, high trust, high truth indigenous youth advocates to advance Jeremiah 32:41 -- the heart and soul dream of the Creator. 

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