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Unnecessary Death: Thoughts from a Minority Former Military Police Officer

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

"The Natives Restless Again???"

Do all minorities rush out to protest or incite race riots every time they are called for? No, not all of us do. I am a peace chief for my people and a call for peace over this land is what needs to be heard, not a call for violence. We have seen situations in which protests and riots happened on partial evidence and an entirely wrong public judgment was made. Additionally unfortunate is the involvement of Antifa which has turned many a protest into violent, unlawful riots. However, sometimes the ugliness of protests and riots causes callousness toward the situations that should be spurring us on to call for justice.

My Perspective

As a trained, deployed and experienced military police officer, I have been in riot gear - helmeted face shield, baton, body armor - and have dealt with the inflamed masses of people passionate about change and eager for change. There are many Law Enforcement Officers behind those face shields who do understand but they also have a job to do when violence begets violence. To establish order out of chaos.

As an Arawak Taino Indian Peace Chief, I denounce the violence by rogue police officers (acting outside department guidelines) against people of ANY ethnicity and I condemn the rioters who have drowned out the voice of the peaceful protesters. I also encourage officers standing by who see one of their own making a grave mistake to step in and take action, thus averting potential disaster.

I waited before making judgments or presumptions. I watched and prayed before responding to what is happening across Turtle Island as a result of the murder of George Floyd. What came to mind is what Creator requires of us: To do justice, love mercy and walk in a humble way with Creator. This is not what we are seeing in the world today.

Police brutality is nothing new and unfortunately, at times, happens. It is an abuse of authority and power that has left a wake of victims from every race from the four colors of the medicine wheel: red, black, yellow, AND white. Returning violence for violence will only escalate a situation that has been a deep, poisonous vein pumping poison into our hearts that began with the founding of this country. There are dark powers at work that are using this unhealed wound and bitter root to try to destroy this nation from within by USING our people.

The hurt of stolen people on stolen land is engraved in our DNA but this was the power of the age, the rulers, governors, and even the church became an accomplice with Manifest Destiny. However, not all "white people" can be blamed especially those whose ancestors came after the removals and horrid Indian policies nor the descendants of those who were a part of those things.

Just like now, all police officers cannot be blamed because they wear the same uniform. Where does that leave us? A post-mortem toxicology report doesn't devalue a man's life when it was taken at the hands (or in this case, the knee and body weight) of those who are sworn to protect and serve. Police officers deal with intoxicated, drugged up, out of their mind people every day without taking their lives. Initial reports indicate George Floyd was intoxicated. While alcohol lowers inhibition, it is generally easier to bring an intoxicated individual into restraint than someone who is sober or amped up on some other drugs.

When on duty as U.S. Army military police officer, almost everyone we dealt with was a trained killer a.k.a. soldier. We were trained for dealing with these situations in a non-lethal way - such as putting your knee on a person's UPPER BACK while placing them in restraints. We were trained to go one step above whatever force was being directed us in order to diffuse a situation with the least amount of harm. George Floyd was not a trained killer and the escalation of force unto death was uncalled for in this situation.

What can you do to peacefully express your thoughts? 1) Call your state representatives and get involved in legislative action against this type of behavior.

2) While we have the freedom to peacefully assemble, be wary of infiltrators who will try to escalate your gathering into violence. Don't be afraid to remove a problem-maker. If you are not leading the gathering, don't be afraid of leaving it when/if you see that violence is a determined path for any involved.

3) Start a petition which will reflect the collective voices of your community.

4) Speak out on social media after vetting, researching, and making sure you have the facts.

5) Do NOT RIOT- violence begets violence and only serves to escalate matters.

6) Pray for the families and victims.

7) Pray for peace in this storm for all of those affected across Turtle Island.

8) Love The Creator and love one another.

Micah 6:8 "He has shown you, human being, what is good. And what does YHWH require of you? To act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with your Creator.

These are trying times and how we respond will determine if we are making the world a better place through our actions. Are these actions rooted in love and peace or bitterness and hurt? One path leads to beauty and hope while the other leads to the ugliness that humanity is capable of when not healed.

Seneco kakona Yah Yah seming guari - Kacike Naboria Amahura

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1 Comment

Susan Liang
Susan Liang
Oct 08, 2023

"Unnecessary death".

That's very peaceful for a law enforcement officer to speak "Peace."

Just in the reading it made me feel peace and calm.

I had just read yesterday an older news story of three police persons in the middle of a street in downtown Honolulu, tasering a man who walked back and forth before traffic. He did not resist. He seemed on drugs. He did die from the tasing.

I read the lawyer's brief posted in the article, arguing excessive force. It blamed the judge, the officers...

Yet, it seemed to me beyond good lawyering. And I actually felt sorry for the family who had such a lawyer who inartfully blamed the judge for excluding evidence of taser holes.

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