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Israel Frontline Donations

The people of Judea and Samaria are under barbaric attack. As native people, we know prayer is one of our greatest weapons. These are the days of the 7th generation, these are the days of prophecy. Each of the following organizations we know personally and they are currently serving the people of Judea and Samaria from the frontlines. If you are led, please join us by adding your supporting. The links below will take you directly to the individual pages were you can make your contribution.

Christian Friends of Israeli Communities

Christian Friends of Israeli Communities is serving the families in Judea and Samaria whose husbands and fathers are on the frontlines, leaving their communities vulnerable during this time.

Shalom Jerusalem Foundation

Rabbi Yehudah Glick and his wife, Hadas, are working to support and uplift the families that have experienced loss and provide them with supplies to help uplift their spirits.


Amitsim partners with the Shalom Jerusalem foundation to provide support to Israel's widows, widowers, and orphans.

Abundant Bread of Salvation

Brian Slater and the team at Abundant Bread of Salvation works weekly to distribute food and clothing to over 400 families, reaching Holocaust survivors, widows, veterans and, orphans.

Aliyah Return Center

Chaim and his brother, Moshe, are both actively serving, the Aliyah Return Center is working to provide housing for the displaced.

Cry for Zion


One of the organization's members is currently deployed with the IDF, they are working to obtain hydration systems and other necessary supplies to reservist and other volunteers.

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